Big brother naija 3 housemate, Bambam won the samvita cooking task. She emerged victorious after she prepared a perfectly textured and well presented Samvita meal. At first the housemates had to prepare soup.

For the soup preparation, Big Brother Naija Housemate, Miyonse was the guest judge for the Task, making him the first celebrity guest in the House this season.

The Housemates worked in teams to create either Vegetable or Egusi soup.

The Teams

Teddy A and Bambam
Cee-C and Alex
Lolu and Rico Swavey
?Nina and Anto
Miracle and Tobi

Miyonse said that in his experience men are better cooks. At this point, Teddy A and BamBam with House chef Rico Swavey tlset out to work but alas, it was not Rico’s to win. He however congratulated BamBam.

Once the soups were ready, the Housemates competed individually, each prepared perfectly textured Samvita and BamBam won.

Asides winning Head of House and the Samvita Cooking Task, BamBam secured another win during the Arena Games. It all started off well as Housemates were all ready to take on another Challenge. Gathered in the Arena, they learned that unlike previous Arena Games, this one was made of four smaller tasks and to everyone’s relief, no puzzle. It was the first time since the start of the season that Housemates had been spared the puzzle ordeal, for it had earlier proved to be the breaking point for many.
Being good sports, one by one Housemates entered the Game with their best foot forward, under their peers’ cheerful attention. Lolu and Nina landed in the seven-minute range, while Cee-C and Anto remained in the five-minute bracket. Rico and Alex stayed in the four-minute window, which Miracle and Tobi easily lowered to the three-minute timeframe. BamBam was announced as the ultimate winner.

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