It comes to us all that remembering Mother’s Day meant digging into the beautiful experiences of naughty childhood and a no-nonsense mother who is ready to kick the devil out of you. In celebration of Mother’s Day of 2018, an advertising agency, SO&U Limited, has kindled our memories of crazy scenes of clambering the neighbourhood walls, ducking through the backyards; and the one hundred metre race of you and your mother do down the street because you always lose the errand money. The assemblage of the creative is grand category of various tools of correction mothers use:

The Head Straightener

Maybe once; maybe twice; only few of us here would have missed this kind of encounter. You are sent on an errand to purchase some groceries down the street, you meet your friends. You forget what your mother sends you and spend a couple of hours with your friends while your mother keeps waiting for you with the head straightener at the door. You want to say ‘Jack!’. You say Jack but before you add Robinson, some heavy thuds of bathrooms slippers are on you. Everyone believes your head is not ‘correct’, hence you need some straightener!
The Brain Resetter

The brain resetter typically works for extremely naughty children. But in most cases, stubborn children participate in this feast of knocks which is usually and singlehandedly organised by a mother who thinks you have a loose upstairs for waking up and not washing the plate or breaking the neighbours’ window. Typically, you can get this from the neighbour himself, but should the neighbour report you to your mother, you will be instructed to clutch your hands behind while you bow down to be anointed with rain of knocks.

The Mumu Duster

It doesn’t happen all the type except your ‘mumuism’ is out of this world. In such cases where you refuse that your brother is supposed to run the errand your mother sends you, the mum-duster might be used. But in other extreme cases, you refuse to wash the plate and your mother returns from work and sees you covered in mud because you have just finished playing football in the local pitch adjacent your house, the mumu-duster is usually applied as a cool weapon for idiocy cleansing.

The Alignment Tool

Most mothers don’t use this except they are raising a kid like Richard Wright or Trevor. Alignment tool is typically reserved missile for the naughtiest, extremely obstinate and the john-the-duck type. In most times, your unruliness fetches you this. But in other cases, some flimsy excuses or thinking that you can beat up your elder brother and attempting to do so could be a necessity for alignment tool.
What are the sweet mother’s armaments we have not mentioned here? Add yours. Happy Mother’s Day!

Agency: SO&U Limited
Executive Creative Director: Anthony Ekun
Creative Director: Chris Ogunlowo
Deputy Creative Director/Art Director: Abraham Cole
Copywriter: Adebayo Arisilejoye

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