Jacobs May, a Germany-based Nigerian entertainer and dancer who focuses on African contemporary dance, released a video about her altercation with Nigerian hip hop artiste Olamide and it went viral last week.

According to her, this is what happened:
“The organisers of a show approached me, six weeks to the show, asking me to invest €6,000 in the show as Olamide will be in Germany to perform. I told them the notification was too short for me to invest that kind of money.
Three weeks to the show, they contacted me again, begging me to use my photograph to promote the show, which I accepted to do. I also posted the photo on my Facebook and Instagram pages and even told my followers and other people to get their own tickets.
I was at the event, I bought a VIP ticket for €100, though I was not supposed to pay, considering the fact that I was used to advertise the show, but I did it to support them.

I was told that Olamide arrived at the hotel where I also lodged on Saturday and he was scheduled to perform at 1:00am on Sunday. But to my amazement, Olamide came up at 3:30am, having kept people waiting for two hours.

By the time he came on stage, fans were furious. People were already drunk and they started flinging objects onto the stage. I was seated on the VIP section, which was mounted on the stage. I was part of the people who got hit by a bottle and I almost collapsed on stage. People, including me, got so angry after Olamide performed for only 20 minutes. People paid so much to watch your performance and you put up a shabby performance and for just 20 minutes.

Olamide and I didn’t have any confrontation at the show, but his attitude was so annoying that I had to confront him after the show. It wasn’t an Olamide show but he was the main artiste. Some other Nigerian artistes also featured in the show.
Since we were in the same hotel, I walked up to him in the lobby at daybreak to explain what had happened to me as a result of him coming late on stage. I approached him as a civil person and told him what had happened to me. I also told him that it was unfair that he flew seven hours only for a 20-minute show. I confronted him with the fact that it was disrespectful of him to have come late and not to apologise to his fans and to also throw a 20-minute performance for fans that have waited over two hours for him.

I was dazed when he stood up and walked out on me.
I was full of rage when he showed no concern, compassion or remorse. That was when I brought out my phone to record the whole incident. Perhaps if he was polite I would have accepted his apology and walked quietly to my room; but his attitude led to the fiasco.
Just like it is often said that pride goes before a fall, there was no way I would tolerate such an attitude.”

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