Sisi Yemmie’s advice to young men on settling down

The recent controversial statement made by Anthony Joshua on how he would raise a son differently from how he would raise a or niece (or daughter) really got me thinking about the various root causes of many men’s faulty perceptions of marriage today. For a while now I’ve been doing videos in my “Just Tryin’ To Help A Sista Out series” to help women understand us men better but I’ve found that the truth is men need to be spoken to and counseled much more than women especially when it comes to marriage. The challenge is men are quite reluctant to being counseled on these issues and as a result the problems aren’t getting solved.

In this week’s video, to crack the code and to get men to listen I brought on a guest that a lot of men listen to and admire so hopefully the brothas will listen to her. In this video Youtube sensation and all round superwoman, Sisi Yemmie joins me as she shares tips predominantly for the men on settling down and preparing for marriage as well as how a man should view the special woman in his life. Happy International Women’s day.

This was such a fun video to make and Sisi was dropping pearls of wisdom left right and center. I want to say a huge thank you to Sisi Yemmie and an even bigger thank you to Stella’s Addiction for letting us film this video in their lovely make up studio.

See the video :

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