COSON Chairman, Efe Omorogbe Calls For Proactive Engagement In COSON by Stakeholders.

COSON chairman, Efe Omorogbe, speaking yesterday at the Beat FM, Music Day panel at the ongoing Social Media Week Lagos, called on all right owners and stakeholders at COSON to be proactive and engaged in the activities of the collective management organisation.

According to Efe Omorogbe, since it is impossible for every right owner to collect royalties personally from users, an approved and regulated CMO remains the only vehicle for effective rights management. Right owners therefore have a responsibility to align and positively engage to protect their intellectual property rights.

The chairman also used the platform to address the recent controversies surrounding the composition of the legal management board of COSON. He offered an apology on behalf of COSON to anyone who has been disconcerted with the way the issue played out and reassured both members and users that clarity has been established with the pronouncement of the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) which after careful review of the proceedings at the December 19, 2017 EGM, unequivocally declared Okoroji’s purported reinstatement and the selection and appointment of new directors, null and void.

Omorogbe assured interested parties and the general public that COSON is focused on strengthening its structures to deliver better results going forward.

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