#NewMusic: Elele by Abisola

Few people in this world can exhibit a high level of dynamism like Ogunsanya Abisola. The multi-talented entrepreneur cum gospel rap artiste has shown that talent and skills can be fully utilised for the glorification of the gospel no matter how busy you are with daily life’s hustle.

Bisola is a lover of God and she is determined to use her talent to spread to good news. This has led her to release her debut single titled “Elele”

Elele is a song that appreciates God’s unending love in the lives of His children. It is a rap song sung in both English and Pilgin. Its chorus is easy to memorise and anyone can croon along.



Rap 1:
Olorun oshey to somi dakorin
Now aiye mi ti smooth bi ori adanrin
Everywhere I go Aanu re nikan nimori
Even when I fall IFe re lowamiri
I will praise you everyday, early in the morning
Cos you’ve been wonderful
You make my life beautiful
Your blessings are bountiful
That is why am thankful
You turn my life around
You broke all the chains and bound
You make me hear the victory sound
That is why I praise you now
You provide for me
Your goodness is so real
Your love sets me free
I’ll always praise you on my knees
God you are so good Everytime you provide me food
You never make me go nude
Am always chilling in my hood
God you are gracious
All around me is spacious
You make me victorious
To the devil am courageous yeah


This God na Elele o
The way you dey bless brekete o
You turn my life around change my story o
That’s why I dey praise you all the time


Gracious God you are
Almighty God you are
When I look around what you do, I see how great You are
All angels bow and worship you, worship your majesty
Baba when you done blessing me, I know all eyes will see
If not for you my baba God, who I for be
The enemies tried and tried, na failure them be
They attack me in seven ways, they would flee in million ways
Cos unto you Lord I commit my days
For protecting me baba, na you I praise
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord
Cos everything bright and beautiful and ELELE He does
Arugbo ojo, Iwo ni masin Titi aiye mi, baba lojokojo
koseni todabire Olorun aiyeraye
My mouth will tell of your goodness, iroyin rere
Agu ne Chemba one, that’s who you are
Odogwu nagha onyedikagi
No one like you
The all knowing God
The all wise God
Nothing too hard for you to do, Almighty God
You parted the red sea
You made the blind see
You gave me victory and showed me your mercy
Thank you Lord for everything you do, if I am not grateful, then I will be a great fool……


My mouth can’t tell it all
For all you’ve done in my life
I cannot count it all, even with a calculator
Your grace is unfailing
Your promises unchanging
Your love undying
Your mercy is everlasting
Lailai, I no go lie
This God too sweet
Him works na Elele, makes a beggar become king
No matter your situation
Just depend on Him
He will take control, only if you trust in Him
Helper of the helpless
Our help in Ages past
Miracle working God
Makes your sorrow become past
The word impossible is never with you God
Only those who’re gullible will believe the devil lies
I will trust in you God, cos you never fail me
When they turned their backs on me, you still dey for me
Olori aiye, you still tdey for me

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