The housemates had barely spent an hour in the Big Brother Naija House and already Biggie is spicing things up.

After calling all the Housemates into the lounge, Biggie informed them there will be an immediate eviction.

With all eyes cast down to the floor, Biggie informs the Housemates that those who couldn’t find beds that corresponded with the numbers they received on stage must leave the House immediately .

The Housemates could hardly believe it, surprise written on their faces Leo, Ahneeka, Alex, Vandora,Tobi and Dee-one exit the House.

After the six Housemates left the house, they entered the Arena Games room where they found beds, food and drinks laid out for their enjoyment. The remaining Housemates continued their celebration but with a little more apprehension than before, after seeing how cut throat Biggie can be.

While the six Housemates lay in wait, they ponder the consequenses and enjoy their feast.
Who knows what big brother has in store next. There is never a dull moment in this house.

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