A new nollywood movie titled “Little drops of Happy” is set to hit the screens. It features talented stars including the likes of Osas Ighodaro Ajibade, Mercy Aigbe,Lisa Omorodion among a few others.
The movie highlights the present trending topic in the Nigerian society “Depression and Suicide” in a subliminal way. It’s geared towards creating the much-needed awareness on mental health in an entertaining way without losing the message.The movie depicts internal and external battles Mano Ojo, played by Osas ,has had to suppress as a result of her unfaithful “actor” husband Femi Ojo.

At the peak of these emotional challenges, Mano became depressed but people around her didn’t really get the picture, just like in the real life situations, they took Mano’s behaviour for random acts of craziness, trivialized her issues, attributed them to spiritual attack which made her become suicidal. With efficient technological and psychological intervention, Mano was able to overcome her worst fears, she got help and in the process, helped her husband overcome his too.

The director of the movie is Grace Edwin-Okon and the executive Producer is Dr. Maymunah Yusuf Kadiri. According to Dr Maymunah, the movie is a movement. In her words “It’s a M.O.V.E.M.E.N.T and no going back. Forward ever… This movie, “Little drops of happy”, was one of our major projects for 2017 which was well received in the cinemas nationwide.
It’s all about mental health advocacy in an entertaining way. Our focus was on depression, post partum depression, domestic violence and suicide.
For 2018, it’s on a different topic…#GuessWhich.
For us @pinnaclemedng , @pinnaclehealthr , @pmspeakout, etc…this year is already looking promising.”
One of the key scenes in the movie is the awareness on the new app called How Body that helps to counsel people who are suffering from depression. We look forward to this movie.

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