CES 2018 Takeaway: Assistance is the new battleground for growth


The most helpful brands will win.
“Assistance is really the new battleground for growth. As expectations of the empowered consumer continue to rise, the most assistive brands will win.” That was Google President of the Americas Allan Thygesen in his opening remarks for a panel discussion at CES this week.

Joining him on stage to discuss how marketers can drive their businesses to better assist the new super-empowered consumer were Dean Evans, CMO of Hyundai Motor America, and Keith Bryan, senior VP of media engagement & personalization for Best Buy.


Some key takeaways:

Embrace the new reality: Bryan noted that Best Buy learned to lean in to showrooming. As Thygesen said, marketers should make sure their brands “embrace the fact that today’s consumer can get whatever she wants, whenever she wants it–and focus on the expanding opportunities to create useful, meaningful connections throughout daily life.”

Speed it up: “Frictionless retail is happening all around us,” said Hyundai’s Evans. “Speed is the number one consumer demand today.”

Master your data: “To be helpful to people, we have to know them as individual customers,” said Best Buy’s Bryan. “To do that well you need data. You need the technology to do something with the data. And you need the media … to make sure you can reach customers for each opportunity to assist them.”





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