Your 2018 Success Strategy – Day 4: Build Your Goals

big start up

Ready. Set. GOAL

Now the time has come to actually start setting goals. Having taken stock, thought big and chosen a theme for the year, you are better equipped than you were 4 days ago. You have direction, clarity and you will be able to set smart, achievable and most importantly INTENTIONAL goals. 
big start up
One of the keys to achieving your goals is setting goals that you are interested in and actually want to achieve. Having a clear idea of what you would like to achieve by asking yourself the questions you did in the previous days, you are more likely to achieve your goals than someone else who isn’t self-aware.

Use the Big Startup Goal setting workbook and template and start with your long-term goals and then build on these to break down your medium and short-term goals. This will result in a weekly and daily plan that is colluding to ensure that you achieve your long-term goals.

Think Big, start small and celebrate every milestone!

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The BSU goal setting bundle includes –

*Goal setting guidebook,
*Long term goals template
*Medium-term goals templates
*Short term goals templates – Annual, weekly & Daily goal setting templates.
*Bonus Personal Objectives template

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Let’s Get Started!!!

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