Here Is Your 2018 Success Strategy By Wonu Okoye

“Let’s make 2018 your most intentional year ever”

Welcome, welcome to 2018!! Over the next 4 days, we’ll review, think big, set themes and finally set our goals for 2018. I can tell that everyone is on their toes, just raring to go! But before we dash off, let us first take stock!

2018 goals

How did 2017 go?

Let’s drill down into the specifics by asking some questions

What were the high points in the year?
What were the low points?
What did we lose?
What did we gain?
What did we fail at?
What did we succeed in?
Did you start anything new?
Did we stick to our old habits?
How did we do achieving our goals?
What did you enjoy doing the most?
What did you least enjoy?

For me 2017 had some lows but so many more highs for one

1 – I finally launched the big startup after months and months of building content and psyching myself up to start, I finally took the plunge – Later than I had planned but we got there eventually! Yay US!!

2 – We finished writing the “Complete Startup Kit” after nearly a year of composing! We finally completed the book in January – Then the real hard work started!! Look out for us in 2018 though #startupkitloading

3- Launched a new business but made the hard decision to end an aspect of another one!

4 – Built a Big startup team!! You’ll be hearing from ALL of us soon 🙂

As you reflect on the past year, start putting everything into perspective. What could you have done better? What was in your control and what was not? Start making note of all the lessons learned this year because if you are going to plan the next 12 months, you need to first admit all the things that went right and others that went wrong, assess how they could have been done better and put systems and processes in place to have a more victorious year ahead!

Let’s get started! 

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