How To Set Your 2018 Goals

Tosin Ajibade Olorisupergal Vlogging

It’s okay to start the year with new resolutions but it is advisable to set realistic goals.

You need a plan and a system in place to guide you and keep you on track. We all know what it’s like to set goals that we don’t follow through with. This is why I’m excited about the list below.

new year goals

Have you set your goals for 2018? Here are some tips on what you can achieve in 2018.
1. Set your realistic goals.
2. Self-development.
3. Take charge of your mornings.
4. Read more books.
5. Take a break from social media.
6. Donate to a cause.
7. Stop seeking approval from people.
8. Face your worst fears.
9. Travel more.
10. Learn a new skill
11. Attend a seminar, training or a conference.
12. Start a new course.
13. Create new relationships.
14. Get a mentor/mentee
15. Start a business.
16. Be yourself.

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