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The Big Startup Principal Coach Wonuola Okoye shares 5 reasons everyone should shop local in this #shoplocal month.

Here are some reasons why its imperative that we all do it.
1. Increasing Local Trade – This is a “Duh” reason. We know that shopping local will increase the amount of money that circulates within our local economy. So do it for your state, and country 🙂


2. Providing Jobs 

We know that Nigeria is grossly overpopulated with unemployed graduates! HIRE THEM.TRAIN THEM. EMPOWER THEM.


3. Supporting Nigerian Entrepreneurs 

In this country of enterprising, creative, resourceful and highly intelligent people,  Its not a wonder that we see new and innovative businesses spring up every day. From paystack to Nairabox, Mobile tailor to Eazy Wash. We have an abundance of thriving Nigerian owned businesses.

shop local

4. Better consumer choices 

The more choices you have, the better the deals you can find. Small businesses encourage competition in the marketplace in a way that mega-corporations just can’t.

In addition, local businesses provide products and services from local craftsmen and artisans, offering unique options you won’t find elsewhere.
5. Because I said so!! And it feels amazing knowing that you are working towards a cause that is bigger than you!! This should be enough 😉

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Until then…Keep winning!! 

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