Introducing HFA TV, Africa’s foremost 24HR Fashion Channel on Cable Network, Play TV

hfa tv

PLAY, is an African urbane media and entertainment company which aims to be a leader in digital TV programming through the offering of carefully selected channels with the most flexible and convenient payment plan ever offered in Nigeria.hfa tv

If you are in Nigeria (or know anyone who is ) and already use(s) Consat, you (they) may need to re-align your dish to receive HFA TV immediately on Channel 200, otherwise if you are new to ConSat now PLAY TV you can subscribe to HFA TV and 49 other channels for N1,000 Monthly, please call/whatsapp 01-2778690 or 08171897798

It’s even less when you pay for a full year straight :)… (This excludes the one-time decoder & installation fee)

Thank you, looking forward to your feedback on how to make it better, building future partnerships and sharing our African stories the most authentic way.

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