American rapper Coolio Reportedly Running For Vice President In 2020

Coolio wants to help make America great again, for real this time.

In three years time, the White House could be turning into a “Gangsta’s Paradise”.

Coolio, born Artis Leon Ivey Jr., is just one of the many celebrities who have been rumored to challenge current President Donald Trump in the 2020 election cycle for a shot at running the country. The rapper, known primarily for his aforementioned hit from the 1995 of the same name, has now officially thrown his hat in the ring for public office, putting himself on porn star Cherie DeVille’s ticket as a Vice Presidential candidate. That’s right – a hip-hop relic from the 1990’s and an adult film star joining forces to better the United States politically. This should definitely be interesting.

According to ABC News in Los Angeles, Coolio refuses to stand pat and watch the current political system continue to negatively affect many Americans on the daily. “Somebody got to do something man, somebody got to try. We need normal people, we need normal regular everyday people in office,”he remarked. When asked about his current inclinations about what goes on in Washington, many of those touched on popular conspiracy theories about the government. “I believe there truly is a Deep State. And I think there is a Deep Deep State and nothing is what it seems,” Coolio said. His running mate, Cherie DeVille, is making the move from the porn industry into politics with the belief that her diverse background can help change the Washington landscape for the better.
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