Comedian Alibaba speaks on the sack of Kaduna State incompetent teachers

Ali Baba - Kaduna State

Following the prompting of the Kaduna State Government to make public some of the scripts of teachers who failed the competency test conducted for public school teachers in the State and thereafter sack them, comedian and actor Alibaba took to his Instagram page to react.

See below what he said:

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When people who should be taught are teaching people who will become the leaders of tomorrow doesnt that just explain the mess we are in? And some educated people will come into a public space and tell me we don't need English language. Do you have economics, biology, history, … textbooks in ibibio? Calabari? Tiv? Gwuari? Hausa? Urhobo?… that's the problem. The currency of education is English. Don't compare yourself to the Chinese. They have textbooks in Mandarin. The Russians, Spanish, French, Indians, Arabs also do. So for those advocating for indigenous language as a means of teaching, first build the education base in your different languages before you clamour for education in your mother tongues. As for these fall outs from the Kaduna State Competence Test, like I said last month, this was where Gov Oshomole missed the golden opportunity. He shouldn't have buckled to the pressures from the Teachers' union, who protested the competence project he wanted to start. Something had to give. And he did. I guess elections can make you bend backwards even when you know the consequences would damage the future of your state. That single act of dropping the planned Test, meant the illiterate teachers would remain in the system and the children will remain unschooled. Shame. Let us all support Gov El Rufai in this his drive to speed up the literacy and capacity building narrative of Kaduna State. Just imagine that illiterate in the house of Representatives… making laws? What kind of laws? Someone that should be an outlaw of the hallowed chambers, is now defining the future.

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