In 2012 Samsung was trespassing into Apple’s territory, stealing market share from the iPhone maker with a combination of compelling products and great marketing.

A series of ads mocked Apple’s notorious fans and painted the Cupertino company as boring and outdated. Apple struggled to fight back effectively, storming the market with updated products.

Now in 2017, Samsung is back at it with a new ad that mocks the most fanatic of Apple enthusiasts and depicts the Note 8 as the fresh and innovative alternative to the plain old iPhone.

The ad follows an Apple user that grows increasingly disappointed with his iPhones, as the years pass by. The video pokes fun at issues like insufficient storage, a small display, and no water resistance. In the end, the iPhone ends up in a drawer and the longtime Apple user upgrades to Galaxy, a Galaxy Note 8 to be exact.

Samsung launched the new commercial on the weekend the iPhone X became available in stores. The news about Samsung dissing Apple iPhones is all over twitter.

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