House of Cards’ Kevin Spacey apologizes for alleged Sexual Harassment

House of Cards” star Kevin Spacey has publicly apologized for his alleged sexual harassment of actor Anthony Rapp, and in the process came out as gay.

Rapp, 46, had in an interview with Buzzfeed alleged that a 26-year-old Spacey harassed him when he was just 14, picking him up “like a groom picks up the bride,” before laying on top of him.

Spacey, 58, in a Twitter post addressing the allegation, claimed he had no recollection of the event, but if he did behave as Rapp describes then he owes him “the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behaviour.

He continued the statement with him coming out as a gay man, saying although he has had romantic relationships with both men and women throughout his life, he now chooses to live as a gay man.

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