Emmanuel Ikubese Reveals Reasons Male Models Becomes Actors

Nigerian actor Emmanuel Ikubese in an interview with Punch revealed the reason male models in Nigeria often turn to the movie industry.

Ikubese said that models are likened to footballers. “They become too old to compete with younger boys,” he said.

He also said modelling can be used as a platform to launch one’s career in acting or music.

He added that if he had to pick between acting and modelling, he’d pick the former. He said:

“Models can be likened to footballers and at some point, they become too old to compete with younger boys. I started modelling when I was about 17 years old because I have the stature and I could do catwalks very well.

I am not saying that there are no older models but if you look at it closely, especially in the international scene, you would not see a 32- year- old man modelling.

If you have a talent, you can use modelling as a platform to launch your talent in either acting, music or any other sector. If you can put it into use, you can do a lot more because as a model, things you can do are limited.

Acting in a film is different from walking on the runway. As an actor, I can touch lives and that makes me happy as a person. It is one of the things I love to do.

As a model, you are not doing that and it is not fulfilling because you would just look good to sell someone’s product. Before I ventured into acting, I used to sing and I was also a disc jockey.

The way I got into acting was even divine because I went for auditions and before long, I was called to play several roles. If I were to choose which I love to do the most, I would definitely go for acting.”

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