Online Community Zegist.com takes Virtual Interaction to a Higher and even Better Level

Buzzing online community, Zegist.com has taken social interaction to a whole new level with its distinctive features which enable the average youth to learn, connect and build awesome relationships with people from diverse backgrounds all over the world.

Founded in 2013 and rebranded 2015 as a community, Zegists’s mission is to give the youth the power to share and stay vocal and connected. People use Zegist to express opinions and drive conversation around popular and unpopular concepts and events.
With a record of a thousand visits daily, the fastest growing online community allows its registered users to share their thoughts and opinions freely by creating their own conversations using articles, pictures, videos, GIFs, memes e.t.c. which can be shared across their social media platforms to increase views and engage other users on their respective platforms.
The user-friendly site features an array of categories that enable users to navigate through topics of their choice within relationships, lifestyle, sports, technology, health, religion, among others.
Targeted at everyone especially youths between the ages of 16-40, Zegist gives room for individual user interaction which helps facilitate networking and communication amongst everyone. 
Hopefully, this community helps youths come together and express strong opinions in ways that weren’t possible before.
Registration on Zegist is free and very easy; simply visit www.zegist.com, sign up and get gisting. 

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