Skales responds to Osagie Alonge for claiming he copied Olamide

Skales has responded to music critic Osagie Alonge‘s tweet where he decried the singer shooting a street video “because Olamide just did”.

He shared screenshots from both videos that had similar scenes and wrote:

“Must you shoot a street video cos Olamide just did? Must you wear a waist purse just because Olamide just did?”

Skales responded saying:

@OsaGz U just f**ked with the wrong person make I no run into you ….. I go reconstruct that ur ugly krokro monkey looking face …hater

My ppl it’s time 2 stop payn attentn to ds f**k boy @OsaGz …he is not a real critic ..he is a ass kisser and a punk……

See tweets below;

osagie alonge and skales - OLORISUPERGAL osagie alonge and skales - OLORISUPERGALOsagie Alonge and Skales - OLORISUPERGAL

Noble Igwe also shared his thoughts on the issue, saying “I don’t think it’s fair…. Everyone has shot a street video.”

osagie alonge and skales - OLORISUPERGAL

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