Davido Releases CCTV Footage Of The His Friend Tagbo Allegedly Died In His Car

These are tough times for popular musician, Davido who has lost two of his friends and was accused over the death of one of them, Tagbo Umeike.

Davido’s solicitor, Norrison Quakers (SAN) has released a press statement today, telling Davido’s story.

In his statement, the lawyer explained that the stories told on social media and newspapers concerning circumstances surrounding Tagbo Umeike’s death has caused Davido a lot of embarrassment. He mentioned that Davido was never arrested but submitted himself for questioning, to aid the police in their investigations. He also added that the footage presented to the police as evidence doesn’t incriminate his client, Davido rather it absolves him of any wrong or crime.

He said the police already had a closed meeting with Davido, Caroline Danjuma who is said to be the deceased girlfriend and Tagbo’s relatives and they all agreed that Davido was innocent. Davido’s lawyer further added that Davido never asked his friend’s corpse to be dumped anywhere.




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