Hilarious! New Skit by Samuel Ajibola – Greedy Mother Wishes Her Son Death

Nollywood actor, Samuel Ajibola, has released the last episode to the season 1 of his comedy series Dele Issues (Daily Issues) titled “Curse or Blessing”.

This episode reveals Dele’s mother who is seen weeping uncontrollably as she watches her son being hit by a vehicle. She is in a lot of pain and soliloquizes severally; wishing that things had turned out differently if he were to still be alive. Dele drives in just then and his mother ran off like one who had seen a ghost.


He then informs his mother that he had only played that role in a movie just to get paid. He also confirmed buying his new car from the money he was paid. The plot twist sets in when his mother starts praying for him to get hit, not just by a car but by a trailer with 26 tyres.


The web series is tagged ‘Dele Issues’ and represents the “Daily Issues”, which the central character Dele (played by Samuel) experiences, along with other characters who find themselves in various day-to-day situations.


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