Isabella Akinseye takes South Africa! A Recap of her Experience at The Voice Nigeria Finale

I’m a sucker for (raw) talent and being a performer, I love me a good show. ‘The Voice Nigeria’ since it debuted in 2016 has had a sweet spot on my top TV programmes. It is that show that makes me renew my DStv subscription and all episodes are recorded on my Explora. Yes! I admit I am a huge fan of the programme.

So when my girl, Tosin Ajibade a.k.a Olorisupergal reached out to me to ask if I could go represent her at The Voice Nigeria (Season 2) finale, I did not think twice before responding with a capital YES. I really could not believe my luck…here I was getting two for the price of one.

As a presenter/producer, attending a live screening of a show of such magnitude is an education in itself. I would get to see how it all comes together – live and direct. Then, the host, IK Osakioduwa is someone I look up to…even though I tease him that I want his job. Hehehehehe. Tick, tock, tick, tock.

I called my Loc Sis, Ade Balogun to book an appointment at Locitude studio and then got to packing. I wasn’t taking any prisoners on this trip. Eyin ara SA, won ma gba (people of SA will hear it). Hair was done, suitcase packed and an early dinner for the road and this girl was set.

I met up with my travel companions at Murtala Muhammed International Airport and the conversations flowed freely. A good sign that this trip was going to be fun. Check-in and immigration went well and it was straight to work. My first video for the Olorisupergal fam. Going by the comments and views, I don’t think I did too bad for a first-timer. On board the South Africa Airways flight from Lagos to Johannesburg, I was able to do another video and some pictures before takeoff. Once in the air, I went through the wide array of entertainment on offer and made a mental note to watch/listen to some on the way back. It was dinner, small gist and sleep for me.

On board the South Africa Airways flight from Lagos to Johannesburg, I was able to do another video and some pictures before takeoff. Once in the air, I went through the wide array of entertainment on offer and made a mental note to watch/listen to some on the way back. It was dinner, small gist and sleep for me.

Sawubona! Touchdown early morning in Johannesburg. Whoop whoop! It was the d-day. The weather outside was not playing and my cold shoulder dress and slippers were not having it. Thankfully, the bus ride from OR Tambo International Airport to Protea Hotel by Marriott Johannesburg Balalaika Sandton provided the much-needed warmth and easy-on-the-eyes scenery. The first thing that struck me about the hotel was the furniture. I loved the craftsmanship and green dominated colour scheme. Shame I would only be spending one night here. A quick stroll through the garden and I could finally catch up on some much needed sleep. The bed was big and inviting but the view from my room of the swimming people nestled in flowers had me wishing Mr Sun would come out to play. Luggage dropped and video tour of the room done, it was straight down to breakfast. Being the foodie that I am, l had something close to an English breakfast, juice cocktail and a hot cup of chocolate to wash it all down. From where I sat stuffed, I could hear my bed calling and I heeded.

Power nap and hot shower later, it was time for lunch at the nearby Sandton mall. We chose Ocean Basket and it was quite a feast, more like a banquet. I opted for salmon, chips and a side of mussels with grapetiser. Yum-yum. I was so full that I could only manage a taste of the desserts from my travel buds. I did a bit of shopping; Naija girl can’t come and carry last in Jo’burg. Sadly, I was pressed for time and couldn’t take any pictures at the Nelson Mandela square. I had a show to watch.

A room with a view but no way am I entering that ice cold swimming pool! Lai lai… #OloriSuperGal #OSG #OsgTravels

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Dress up at the hotel was a breeze. Kept things simple but colourful with an Ankara cold shoulder cape from Jerv Clothings paired with black pants and gold strappy sandals. Face beat was a purple lippy and light powder. Because I cannot go and kee myself. The drive down to the studio was full of conversation with everyone giving their two kobo on who would win. In no time we were at Sasani Studios. Set wise, ‘The Voice Nigeria’ is hands-down one of the best I have seen. And it is even better in real life. As the audience began to take their seats, I did a quick video and took some pictures.

Showtime! The evening kicked off with performances of all the top 8 with their coaches. While I am a big fan of all 4 coaches, Timi Dakolo carried the night for me. He left it all on the stage and his talents channeled that raw emotional sincerity in their delivery of ‘Find You There.’ Penned by Timi, the song was dedicated to the late Eric Arubayi and Belema. Then the evictions began. When Jahtell was not called, we were all stunned. Girl’s got pipes!

I was quite shocked to see only men in the top 4 and the studio manager made a joke that we Nigerians love men. Do we? Wow’s rendition of ‘Fada Fada’ by Phyno got me and literally everyone in the studio on their feet singing and dancing along. Yup, that man took us to church. The

The nail-biting wait began for the announcement of the winner. This was the one time I wish I could press the fast-forward button. I got my phone ready to capture the magic moment of ‘The Voice Nigeria’ Season 2 finale. Finally, IK announced Idyl as the winner and the whole studio erupted confirming Waje’s earlier words, “Idyl is the real deal.”

#Thevoicenigeria Idyl becomes the winner of #Thevoicenigeria season two. #OloriSuperGal #Osg #TVNFINALE #TeamTimi

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Of course, we all rushed to the stage afterward to get some pictures and later on, some video interviews with the winner and some of the other finalists. An emotional Idyl broke down in tears acknowledging God and his father for his success. I took the opportunity to congratulate my BOSS for the media jungle, Uncle IK Osakioduwa for a job well done, sat on Coach Timi’s red chair and even recorded a video on the stage.

@isabellaakinseye on Coach Timi's seat. #TheVoiceNigeria #tvnfinale #TeamTimi #olorisupergal #osg

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Twitter went gaga as we would later find out on the ride back to the hotel. This goes to show that no be by social media dem dey take win, you gets to vote.

Lobatan! Back at the hotel, I did a couple more posts before calling it a night. Morning came much faster than I wanted. Decided to eat some fruit at breakfast, nothing wrong with a little FitFam abroad. Bag packed and we had to bid farewell to our serene abode. At the airport, I was able to get a few more videos and interviews before getting my duty free fix. I got quite a number of books (from African authors), magazines and chocolate. I nor try? I try small.

The flight back home for me was full of TV shows, films, listening to music and a bit of reading. It all went pretty fast, even immigration. I was back home in the city of my birth, Las Gidi. The final video, as I waited for my bag on the ramp. I couldn’t believe how time flies so fast when you’re having a great time. A big thank you to Efosa of Africa Magic for being a great host on the trip. To my travel peeps; Noble, Lizzy, Hilary, Mutiat and Benjamin, you guys were awesome.

Farewell Jo'burg! Lagos loading… #TheVoiceNigeria #osg #olorisupergal

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To the entire OloriSuperGal fam, thank you for every like, view, share, repost and comment, you made my job on this trip so easy. Yes, I was in the 737 video for those wondering (makes a dash and covers face).

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