Inmates break out of jail to rob a store, sneak back unnoticed moments later

Four inmates Levontaye Ellington, Travis Baker, Maurice Robertson and Jacquiez Williams broke out of the Holmes-Humphreys County Correctional Facility in Lexington by hopping a fence, burgled a bargain store and then broke back in and returned to their cells undetected, the police have said.

The men stole cigarettes, cigarette lighters, phones from Dollar General chain store after closing hours.

“They stole cigarettes, cigarette lighters, phones and just items they felt they could sell in jail,” Lexington Police Chief Robert Kirklin said.

According to NYpost, rather than extend their newfound freedom, the foursome inexplicably snuck back into the jail, undetected, baffling police.

“You’re already in jail, but you want to break out and break back in?” the chief said. “That is just something. I heard it all.”

The inmates denied their involvement in the scheme, even though they were caught on store surveillance footage, according to the report.

The inmates were charged with commercial burglary.

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