Empire Stars Trai & Grace Byers share sweet birthday messages

The TV series Empire star, Trai and Grace Byers have been giving us some relationship goals and we are loving it.

The beautiful couple who have just a week between their birthdays took to their separate Instagram pages to celebrate and profess their love for each other.

Trai dedicated an Instagram post yesterday, which was Grace’s 33rd birthday, to tell the world that his wife is a queen.

I love you my Queen. I call you Queen because that’s what you are… simply, subtly, elegantly, magnanimously. You use the kingdom of your heart to house others – The crown on your head to show humility, that it takes a humbling of self, a servant, to truly represent nobility – The shimmering gown of you to reveal that the most beautiful clothes you will ever possess can never be be judged from the outside, but the inside. To simply say that I’m proud of you is an understatement, I’m proud of your life. You’re not merely the woman the world expects to see, but the woman that God designed you to be. It motivates me more than my words can express. You are real but you are also magic, and no “how”, “why”, “when”, or “where” can claim or explain the existence that is you…only Grace can do that, and Grace comes from God! I jump for joy at the thought of what lies ahead for you! And no matter what storm, frustration, attack, or misunderstanding, know that my feet are planted next to yours forever! I love you baby…with every particle of my existence. Happy Birthday Queen @ladygracebyers

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For his own birthday which was last week, his pretty wife posted this heartfelt poem dedicated to Trai

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