Blackface reveals what he wants 2Face to do for him

Rapper, Blackface, has finally said what he wants from 2face if they have to resolve the issue of stolen songs. Remember that the singer is accusing 2face of stealing the song, ‘Let Somebody Love You’ from him.

He said that he wants 2face to own up to stealing his songs and apologise to him before he will consider letting peace reign. Blackface added that Faze can not settle this dispute because it wasnt his song that was stolen.

Blackface told Hiptv,“Faze is my friend he is going to do his own bit but one thing you’d know is they say who feels it knows it. He didn’t write the song, I did so he doesn’t know what I’m talking about. He’s just gonna say everybody come and make peace but the offender needs to say I’m sorry, I’m wrong,”

However, 2face has refused to respond to this and he and his management have made it known that they  would not meddle with anything that has to do with blackface.

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