Want to have a perfect ? Then here is what to avoid

1.Let Negative Things Build Up

In relationships, you should talk about negative things as soon as you get a feeling of them. Do not keep silent about them or keep them inside your head for too long or they will develop into much bigger things coming out later and once they come out, the consequences will be worse. Hence, it is always better to be open when communicating and never keep things which bother you hidden from your significant other.


2. Make Your Partner The Center Of Your Universe

When it comes to things that can ruin a perfect relationship, this seems to be overlooked by most people. Many people stay in relationships which are weirdly codependent. When their other half are happy, they are happy. The same thing goes for sadness. However, remember that your relationship is healthy and important as you are. You could not give all your attention to your significant other and let yourself go in the relationship. Know your value, if not your partner will take you for granted. You could not love anybody until you love yourself first. Love starts with you.

You are the one who are responsible for your happiness. In order to fix this issue, you should stop putting pressure on other people. Your partner is allowed to do the things that they enjoy without having to let you know first. Take responsibility for your feelings, and set boundaries.


3. Be Too Critical

No one likes critical people. They see things in a negative view. If you are critical at times, work on yourself. If your partner is too critical, simply tell them how negatively it impacts you and your relationship and how they need to stop doing so more.


4. Forget Your Own Goals In The Process

A healthy relationship should make you obtain your goals. Your partner should support your goals. Do not forget your own ambitions for the sake of your relationship. It is not only unattractive, but also slowly hurts you from inside and later on, you will realize it. You love your partner, yet you also love yourself. Do not forget that.


5. Forget Saying Sorry When Necessary

When you do something wrong, saying an apology is necessary to let your partner know that you acknowledge your mistake. Don’t be a person who avoids saying an apology due to pride or ego, be real. There is nothing small or wrong about admitting your mistakes. We are human beings and we all make mistakes now and then.

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