A profile of Lisa Bloom, Blac Chyna’s advocate

lisa bloom

Lisa Bloom is the founder and managing partner of The Bloom Firm, a general-practice law firm that handles family, civil and criminal matters. Bloom is licensed to practice law in both New York and California.

Bloom has represented comedienne Kathy Griffin in a press conference following a controversial 2017 photo shoot in which Griffin holds a false bloodied head alleged to mimic President Donald TrumpShe also was appointed later that year as model Blac Chyna’s attorney to obtain a temporary restraining order against socialite Rob Kardashian, with whom Chyna shares a daughter, Dream.

Yes, a strong legal prowess apparently runs through the Bloom family’s blood. Lisa is the daughter of esteemed feminist attorney Gloria Allred, who is representing at least 28 women accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault. She is also representing three women who accuse President Trump of sexual assault.

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Lisa Bloom, Sarah Bloom and Gloria Allred, the three generation of women lawyers, attend Sarah Bloom’s graduation from Fordam Law School at Beacon Theatre in 2015 in New York City.


Lisa’s daughter, Sarah, is also a newly minted attorney. She graduated from Fordham Law School in 2015.

Who else has she represented?

Most recently, Bloom represented Kathy Griffin after the comedian posted an image of a faux-bloody head of Trump. The two held a press conference on June 2, where Bloom noted the comic has a public right to parody the President under the First Amendment.

In another revenge porn case, Bloom represented former “O.C.” star Barton after an ex-boyfriend threatened to publicly share videos of them having sex. Bloom won the court case for Barton, barring her ex from distributing the sex tape.

What types of cases does she take on?

Bloom writes on her website that her mission is to help “ordinary people seek justice in their lives,” but she often ends up representing females in civil cases and other David-and-Goliath battles, including taking on the Boy Scouts of America when they wouldn’t accept a girl as a Boy Scout — a case she ultimately lost.

What else has she done with her legal career?

Bloom has gone far beyond the court room — penning books and making herself a popular legal analyst on TV.

She also had her own TV show on truTV from 2006 to 2009, called “Lisa Bloom: Open Court.”

Her legal advice has been featured on news networks, CNN, HLN, MSNBC, CBS NEWs and many more.



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