Custodian Sponsors #YepaChallenge to Call Attention to Insurance in Nigeria

Over the last few days, you may have seen some memes on social media, tagged #YepaChallenge. From Instagram stars like @Maraji_ and @EmmahOhMaGod to Twitter Overlords like @Omojuwa, various personalities captured the feelings of shock, alarm and even amusement, when things go surprisingly wrong in life!

What you may not know is, #YepaChallenge was sponsored by Custodian and Allied Insurance PLC. The company believes insurance is about planning ahead to “avoid stories that touch”. Whenever calamity happens, you have a choice of either shouting, “Mogbe!” in defeat, or you can breathe, because you are insured.

#YepaChallenge is the first instalment of Custodian’s #TomorrowIsBeautiful online campaign. Despite all we see today, Custodian believes tomorrow is filled with hope, and insurance is one way to assure a bright future. By helping you plan for your child’s education, your home, business, vehicle, travel or legacy, Custodian can help you shape the life you deserve.

See some tweets below;

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