“Most Young Nigerians are Naive” – Omojuwa

The weekly “The Ask Series” which was tagged the Governance, Youths and Social Media edition featured one of Nigeria’s influential and brilliant young minds, Japheth J Omojuwa.

Participants share their views and also raised questions concerning governance in Nigeria and as it affects the young generation.

During the session which moderated by Oladele Ogunlana a capacity building consultant as well as a personal development coach, Omojuwa spoke passionately about how young people need to be more interested in the issues that has to with governance and the socio-economic well-being of Nigeria. ‘Most young people in Nigeria today are naïve and that is a big problem’ he added.

Japheth J Omojuwa who was named on a list of Africa’s top “50 Movers and Shakers” by Switzerland’s Credit Suisse in 2015 also said he has been clamoring for change in Nigeria long before the APC political party was formed. Speaking about the 2015 general election he said ‘the 2015 election was a referendum on the former President Jonathan’s administration.’ He said he doesn’t regret voting out the last administration in Nigeria. Sharing his thoughts about the current Nigerian situation he said the Buhari administration has abandoned the ideals that brought it to power for political interest. And that the lapses in the Nigerian constitution has led to the current leadership quagmire in the presidency.

On moving forward as a nation, Omojuwa said the race to building a Nigeria of our dreams is a marathon and young people must begin to see beyond their immediate reality. He said ‘we should forget making any difference as young people if we don’t start getting involved in the political process early.’

Omojuwa took time to share the vision of the Omojuwa Foundation which according to him is to support education, entrepreneurship and tackle socio-economic challenges across the country. The evening ended with a network session as the participants enjoy the beautiful ambience on The Waterside Ikoyi.



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