Tanzanian President says Teen mothers will not be allowed Babck in school but can learn sewing or farming

Tanzanian President John Magufuli stated that allowing the teen mothers back to school is encouraging other teens to engage in pre-marital sex.

He made this known during during a three day tour of the coast region addressed residents of the Bagamoyo where he accused foreign agents of influencing the civil society organisations to urge the government to permit teen mothers to re-enter the education system.

He also said the man who impregnates these teen girls should be imprisoned for 30 years and put the energy he used to impregnate the girl into farming while in prison, The East African reports.

President John Magufuli said:

There are many things that the girls can do after delivery; they can join VETA (Vocational Education Training Authority centres) and learn sewing and farming.

If we were to allow the girls back to school, one day we would find all girls in Standard One going home to nurse their babies.

After getting pregnant, you are done!

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