Big Churchill reveals he is done with Tonto Dikeh

Olakunle Churchill

A viral message that was sent to Churchill’s mother was alleged to be sent by Tonto Dikeh. After the viral message, Big Churchill was interviewed where he claimed to have tried his best to talk to her but he is done.

About the viral picture of Tonto Dikeh dressing up like a man, he said she is not normal and is only trying to paint him bad and make him look bad to the people.

And when he was asked why is she bitter, he made these statement “Some people simply don’t like to loose a battle and because she’s a celebrity, what happened was too heavy for her to bear. She felt if the news got out, it’ll be bad for her so she switched it and once she started to play the victim card, she had to continue it but it got to a point when she left my house with my son and nanny before I came back to Nigeria and she went on to grant an interview where she accused me of domestic violence and it’s all lies, there’s nothing like a four month pregnancy or any of the other lies. I was not even in the country when she claimed she ran away from the house because of domestic violence. So it was all planned and she took her time to pack everything because the estate still has the CCTV footage of her moving out with a Sienna and a truck.

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