Wizkid corrects an ignorant US radio host


Serves him right

Wizkid visited a US radio station, and told them exactly what they had to hear.

A clip circulated on Twitter on Tuesday shows Starboy speaking about his music on Los Angeles commercial station 92.3’s hip-hop show “The Real After Party”.

Bootleg Kev, who co-hosts the show with DJ Damage made the usual mistake they make by calling Africa a county, he said: “We’re going to go hang out with him in Africa.” The soft-spoken Wizkid answered with: “Lagos, Nigeria,” perhaps a reminder to him that Africa really is not a country.

They then joked that if Wizkid were to have a concert in LA, they would only play “One Dance” by Drake, which features Wizkid.

“I don’t know what we’re going to play, besides Drake ‘One Dance’,” Bootleg Kev said.

“Would ‘Mask Off’ by Future be something that would get played in Nigeria?”

“Definitely. Like, let’s not be ignorant, bruh,” the musician responded.

“We are very ignorant,” was the response from another in the room, with resounding repetitions from two DJs.

“We have the internet, so like the people are very, very aware of the music. They get it the minute it gets out. But what we love to party to is our shit,” he said, before listing musicians such as himself, Wonderboy and 2face Idibia.

“That’s our music.”

Do not mess with us, 92.3

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