Teenager turns down 7 Ivy League acceptances

A high school graduate Eghosa Amadin from Cypress, Texas has turned down her admissions from seven Ivy League colleges.

According to ABC reports, Eghosa was accepted into more than a dozen top universities in the U.S. and has decided to go to Stanford.

Eghosa believes Stanford’s well-regarded engineering program and proximity to Silicon Valley will enable her to help others.

“Being in the heart of Silicon Valley, I think the opportunity for internships, research opportunities, for jobs, would be more plentiful over there,” she said.

Stanford is also one of the most difficult institutions to get into as it only accepts and average 4.7% of applications.

“My parents had always told me from the beginning that the best thing you can ever do for yourself, just get a good education,” she said.

In her early days of schooling, Eghosa said she would “go to the library and get a huge stacks of books and be done with it in like a week.”

She said she was determined to do more for herself after her family visited a village in famine in Nigeria.

“There are just slums and there would be hundreds of people just laying down and one little area trying to eat anything that they can and I guess in that moment I realized I have to do better. I had to do more. I have to do the best that I can to move higher in life.”

She hopes to go back to the slums and empower its residents.

“It’s empowering them, making them feel like they can do more for themselves as well,” she said.

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