Omari Hardwick goes Bald for an upcoming movie

American actor Omari Hardwick popular known for the character of “Ghost” in the TV Series “Power” has gone bald for an upcoming movie.

Omari shared a photo last night of himself on set of a new movie via his Instagram page. The actor was wearing a military costume and he captioned the photo:

All you beautiful wild misunderstood young “soldiers” out there with PURPOSE….whether building legos or building your dreams…. Some of us NEVER hear the yapping (called comments) of fouls, pigeons or vultures. We hear MISERY. God made some of our hearts too good to not stop & ask….”you ok??” But there equally exist in some of us a….”F_____them Lord, for they know not. Period.” You keep building. These wasted mouth flappers will end up sadly buried under what you have built. And they will be left R.I.P. (resting in pain) while your story lives long. All is never to be fair in Love & War. Just make certain you are more than 1 of it’s miserable footnotes.

See Photo Below;

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