UPDATES: Seun Egbegbe Marks 100 Days In Ikoyi Prison

Notorious movie marketer and habitual suspect, Seun Egbegbe is reportedly spending his 100 days in Ikoyi prison after he had failed to meet his bail conditions.

Report has it friends and benefactors have abandoned him because of the fear of being implicated by the serial confessor.

Recall Seun had implicated about two people so far, including his own brother, in connection with frauds on BDC Operators. 

Yusuf, the implicated brother, said they were not even in talking terms. He alleged Seun had sent him a text message that he will deal with him for abandoning him at the police station.

The other guy, Muyideen said he was arrested at the gate of Ikoyi Prisons after going to visit him (Seun.


Albeit locked up since last February, Seun has been been making frequent appearance in Court since late 2O16, when he was caught, for the first time, with about 9 iPhone at computer village in Ikeja axis.

seun egbegbe

So far, Seun has been battered by jungle judges who had caught him on fraud scene. It has taken police intervention to his rescue into their net.

Meanwhile Seun and co has been charged with allegations ranging on frauds between 2016 and 2017, and were first arraigned before the court on February 10, 2017, for his act of serial frauds.



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