Tonto Dikeh Offers To Go Bald With Colleague, Halima Abubakar

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh who is a known colleague of fellow actress Halima Abukabar has reached out to the actress  who recently had a successful fibroid removal in India. Halima yesterday took to social media to show how she have shaved off due to drug reactions, and now the Tontolet has offered she won’t mind doing same


Hally boo boo,My funky mallam,Hajia one of the world don’t mind all those drugs,they are simply jealous of your beautiful hair.But it’s ok I will twin with you,Just give me the go ahead and we will be bald together.Lets walk the walk together if you will,We will buy beautiful gorgeous wigs.We will bath under the rain so we feel every drop on our Baldy..Now we will have the chance at a natural hair like we always wanted..????It’s well baby girl,What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger..I know since say you nah Chakapom(Strong person) Plus you don’t need hair to look beautiful,YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL MY DARLING FRIEND AND SISTER.. @halimabubakar
#wecantwintogether #Hallybooboo #Love #feelok #FRIENDS Love you hally

What are friends for?


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