Ekiti Man Gets Life Sentence For Turning 15-Year-Old Girl Into Sex Slave

An Ekiti State High Court sitting in Ado-Ekiti has sentenced a local government official, Ojo Ayodele, to life imprisonment for turning a 15-year-old girl (name withheld) to a sex slave.

According to The Nation, Ayodele abducted the girl in Ijero-Ekiti and spirited her to a secret location in the town where he subjected her to continuous sexual assault for 21 days.

Justice Monisola Abodunde in her judgment found Ayodele guilty as charged and sentenced the accused to life jail for raping the under-age girl.

The judge also slammed a seven-year jail term on the council worker after he was found guilty of abduction.

The terms are to run concurrently.

The victim was  living with her step-mother after her father and mother divorced with the latter relocating to Port Harcourt.

The alleged maltreatment of the victim by her step- mother forced her out of the house and met the convict who promised to take care of her.

Ayodele later abducted the girl and took her to a remote location in Ijero where he turned her to s*x slave.

A Good Samaritan, who saw blood stains on the victim’s cloth, took the girl to Ijero Local Government Immigration Office to report the case.

At the local government secretariat, the girl identified Ayodele and fingered him as the person that abducted her and turned her to s*x slave.

The immigration officers on duty whisked the convict to Ijero police station where the matter was reported.

Ayodele was first arraigned on February 2, 2016 on two-count charge of rape and abduction.

The prosecution called seven witnesses during the trial and tendered exhibits which included statements of the victim and the convict, and medical report which established the rape, among others.

The convict did not call any witness in the course of the trial.

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