Arik Is Beginning To Earn Public Trust -CEO Claims

Arik Air interim management has said the Airline is making ticket refund of between N60 to N75 million on a weekly basis to customer who bought advance ticket on the routé that were cancelled.

Chief Executive Officer, Captain Roy Ilegbodu, made this recent revelation in a media chat at his office in Lagos. He said: “ we have thought through the whole situation and we believe this is something we must do because we also want to retain our customers, so we are even putting some on a third party flight to their destination at a very huge cost.”

Capt. Ilegbodu said: “we don’t intend to resume International flight for now. Arik is owing ‘group control’ about a million Euro, N100.36 million to Heathrow Airport and N121. 45million to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, World Fuel Services Inc $26.55 million, the United States Internal Revenue Service and the United States Customs $987,170 and $311,888 respectively.”

The CEO revealed that public trust is beginning to return to the airline as passengers numbers have shot up considerably. “We lifted 3000 passengers last Friday.” Adding that the airline has gone back to being number one carrier in the country.



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