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AND NOW WE HAVE ENTERED BROKEN EARTH- A Solo Exhibition of Recent Works by Eloghosa Osunde

In January 2016, we witnessed the unveiling of immensely talented artists— through the Young Contemporaries platform—of whom we hoped were a brilliant crop of new blood poised for excellence in their artistic career. Amongst them, the photographer, Eloghosa Osunde presented a photo series telling a lesser- known story around one of Lagos’ most popular, noisiest and historic district: Obalende. She explored themes of abandonment, absconding, settlement and the human ability of making a home out of what one is given.

Following what will be a fulfilment of what we hoped to be continued artistic ingenuity, we are beyond proud to present Elogohosa Osunde’s solo exhibition, ‘And Now We Have Entered Broken Earth‘. What led on to this exhibition started as a project in May 2016 spanning across at least 10 Nigerian states. The on-going series explores varying degrees of intimacy and loneliness within familial relationships. This documentation uses nature-inspired imagery to shape a photo-story about intergenerational cycles, internal inheritances and resemblances, the process of growing into and away from family members, isolation, and inseparability and enduring love.

This visual story also juxtaposes themes of addiction, mental illness, spiritual resistance and surrender.

Eloghosa’s work in photography bends towards the surreal; shifting subjects from the environment in which the photograph was originally made to fictitious arrangements, in order to build a tight, cohesive narrative. Eloghosa uses this style to re-imagine scenarios and to achieve a sense of introspection and relatability. The photographs in this series mostly center children, surrounded by eerie moods and undefined silhouettes; reflecting the idea that familial histories have the ability to haunt us in the present – in lasting and disturbing ways.

The exhibition open on the 7th of May 2017, 4pm and runs through till 4th June 2017.

It would be our pleasure to have you be a part of this visual experience!





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