Highlights from media round table with Richard Quest in Lagos

Richard Quest

CNN‘s international anchor, reporter and host of the popular TV programme ‘Quest Means Business,’ Richard Quest was in Nigeria for business. He sat with young minds from the media sector and gave a lot of insight on the state of the Nation (Nigeria), prospects, glaring challenges as well as possible solutions.

On the future of Nigeria:

“The future of this country is not miserable old fathers like me, or people in their 50s, the future of this country is you, the youth. It’s Nigeria’s secret weapon, a well educated, intelligent, lively and aggressive youth.”

On whether Nigeria can compete in Start-ups globally:

Nigeria can’t be the world leader in starts up ” You can’t be when you can’t get a road that is going to get the product out of the country. the temptation is to tell you what you want to hear, the reality is that it will take a long time and it’s going to ave to take the leadership from the top.”

On whether Start-up would strive:

“There is going to start-ups because you have 170 million people, but when they strive, they are going to strive because they have electricity, and don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars or millions of nairas on diesel, that is the reality.”

On electricity:

“In the developed world, they don’t need a generator. Where I live in New York, I don’t have a generator. The light stays on 24hrs a day, if the light goes off in any part of New York, that a new story. Why did it go off?”

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