Beyonce’s “Restaurant” Photo Became Internet Sensation – See Why!

Beyonce enjoyed a night out with friends, including her husband Jay Z, DJ Khaled and Kelly Rowland on Wednesday. The star, who is expecting twins, shared an album of snaps from her dinner at the glamorous restaurant Beauty and Essex in LA to Instagram.

In one post, the singer is pointing something out on a menu to a waitress, and the Internet immediately began to give hilarious suggestions as to what she could be saying, hinting that she would be very particular about her order.

One wrote: “I, as Beyoncé, will just have vegan ice water. The twins will have fried chicken, catfish nuggets, fries, mac & cheese, red beans & rice,” while another referenced her popular Lemonade album, tweeting: “I actually invented Lemonade so it should be free.” Another joked about the waitress’s delighted expression, writing: “Beyoncé: Let me just have the… Waitress: How about I have them make everything on the menu and you can make a choice after seeing them!”

Credits:HELLO Magazine

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