Vlogger Eviwestwick talks Kemen, Efe, TBoss, Bisola & #BBNaija in her New Vlog

Vlogger Eviwestwick in her vlog talked about the just concluded Big Brother Naija reality TV show and some of the ongoing drama concerning housemates Kemen and TBoss. She also talks about other housemates Efe and Bisola.

”Big brother naija has brought about the birth of a new set of stars but their new found fame also comes with a lot of consequences and because crucifying someone consistently doesn’t make you a better person

I am not trying to downplay what Tboss experienced neither do I condone any form of assault. Neither am I saying Tboss deserved to be treated that way.

I am not trying to trivialize this issue because I know it is very sensitive. However do we want Kemen to get arrested and go to jail? Are we saying big brother should press charges against him?

I see where all the energy is channeled and people want big brother to take criminal actions against him.

This is a very sensitive matter for them as well because how do you bring someone into a competition, he makes a mistake then you press charges against them and send them to jail? They’re also a brand and so they have to be careful.

Kemen from what I saw in the house is a man that has a lot of pride so for people like that even when they apologize all you hear is pride. I saw his apology video .

I just want people to move on from him. For how long are we going to linger on this issue. Some people wouldn’t let it go until they see his head hanging on a stake. I strongly believe that a girls consent is important , I stand with women always everyone knows this.

Especially in a society where we do not grasp the importance on consent. Which brings me back to what you guys would like big brother to do to Kemen?

Do you want him to be sent to jail? Dragged to court? If yes then everyone should file a petition then and make it happen”she said.


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