Why the Constant Trolling and Castigation of Skales on Twitter Must Stop – An Open Letter by Sanni Olakunle


I was going to remain aloof about this subject but I couldn’t curtail myself from doing so, let me just get to it. Over the years, we are all aware of how Skales has indiscriminately been a subject of ridicule on social media – Twitter, especially.

From outrageous comments to rancid remarks; the singer has had it all hurled at him by blatantly unruly users on the platform – one of the most recent being induced by the conclusion of the popular reality TV show ‘Big Brother Naija’ – in which contestant Efe emerged winner and walked away with a whopping N25,000,000.

Few minutes after the announcement, the facetious users began spewing disparaging remarks; with many stating Efe has suddenly become richer than Skales with his win. That erroneous statement most especially caught my attention – besides being ridiculously false, it shows many users on the platform say most of these things for cheap attention and retweets.

May I recall the singer recently acquired a 2016 Range Rover Sport to celebrate his birthday (April 1st, 2017). An exotic ride priced at over N20m! If Efe truly were now richer than Skales, it would mean the singer must have spent 85% of his net-worth in purchasing the car which would ultimately place him high on the list of musicians who went from riches to rag (right behind MC Hammer) owing to the imprudent squandering of their fortune.

However, Skales remains unperturbed and placid despite the avalanche of hurtful remarks hurled his way. It is in fact a quality I admire him for – I often wonder how he stays undaunted through the constant incendiary statements from these cruel Twitter users.

Skales has achieved so much over the years; despite being born and raised in penury by his single mother in Kaduna, the singer moved to Lagos with nothing but his dreams and managed to beat the odds.

While many of the flippant users who continue to disrespect him have almost nothing to show off, it would be vital to recall the singer signed a multi-million naira record deal in 2014 which came with a brand new fancy SUV, bought his mom a house, also bought himself a house in Lekki, signed a lucrative endorsement deal with MTN (which was renewed after expiration) among others.

The afro-pop sensation hasn’t failed to garner under his belt; critically and commercially successful singles and album since his emergence in 2009.

Anyway, I would just like to point out; while it’s cool to be shamelessly rude behind the keys and comfort of your smart phones and PCs; disrespecting Skales at every chance you get for a few “lmao” and retweets, it would be nice to have in mind; this is a guy who came from absolutely nothing and clambered his way to where he is now. He really doesn’t deserve the incessant backlash – if anything; he deserves to be praised and encouraged for his resilience and humility.

That’s just my 2 cents – I really hope it makes a difference.

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