BDC Frauds: Seun Egbegbe Fails To Meet Bail Conditions

Seun egbegbe granted bail of 5 million naira upon duping bereau de change operatives/ mallam

Notorious Nollywood film-maker, Seun Egbegbe has reportedly failed to meet-up the 5 million bail granted to him by a Lagos court.

Seun is being tried for allegations ranging on frauds between 2016 and 2017 and was first arraigned before court on February 10, 2017, for defrauding the BDC Operators of the sum of N39, 098, 100: $90,000; and £12,550. 

He has of recent implicated his elder brother Lekan Yusuf and two others.

Report has it he is crying out for help from prison after failing to meet his bail condition. The alleged phone thief and money swindler is complaining about the stringent nature of his N5 million bail which he was granted on February 24. Egbegbe has spent two months in Ikoyi prison for theft of over N10 million is finding it difficult getting two sureties with the profile required by the court.

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Meanwhile Seun still has a pending case of phone theft…

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