Caitlyn feels disconnected to the Kardashian after she transitioned

Caitlyn Jenner

“I just really feel like over the last year and a half we certainly have grown apart,Caitlyn said. “Day after day after month after month, nobody calls, nobody checks in. Just, ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ I haven’t gotten that phone call from anybody. You can’t help but sit there and think, ‘OK, is it because I transitioned? They don’t like me anymore?’ I want to know what I did wrong, what I didn’t do wrong, what I did right, and move forward.

To which Khloe replied, “I don’t necessarily want to say you did anything wrong because I don’t know, just because you didn’t do something the way maybe I would have preferred that makes it wrong. This family we deal with things very quickly,” Khloe said snapping her fingers.

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