Top Female leading Photographers In Nigeria

Well not anymore! These women have proven that what a man can do a woman can do even better. Like a high rise building, they’ve moved in, rocked it and now own the industry as well.

In no particular order, these are some of the ones we love!

TY Bello

has become a household name in Nigeria. A singer, song writer, photographer like we all know and philanthropist. She has created a successful career for herself in both industries. An epitome of a woman who feels comfortable in her skin and of late has been so inspiring, she turned a bread seller into a run way star.


Aisha Augie-Kuta

Aisha plays a dual role as a photographer and film maker. She passion lies in documentary, fashion and aerial photography. She explores a lot of ideologies in her works, such as portraying two sides to a story, gender and identity. Aisha’s photography creates visual art forms that speak through her lens.

Tosin Pedro Gbamis

Nothing moves me more like wedding portraits and photographs. This is Tosin’s field. As a wedding and portrait photographer, she travels around Nigeria to capture and document rare moments in peoples lives. She tells the stories of love and life through her images. After all’s said and done and all the guest have left, the best treasured moments of ‘our day’ are the ones captured through the eyes of a seasoned photographer.


Yetunde Ayeni-Babaeko

There’s nothing like being fascinated with one’s culture, and what better way to express it when it forms a major part of your roots.  Her works reflect the mythology and storytelling tradition of the Yoruba people. For Babaeko, women are the custodians of tradition, so she uses black and white photography to capture the timelessness of her goddesses. She has also used this art to document and enlighten women on breast cancer.


Ronke Alao

Ronke is the CEO of Ronke Alao Photography. She enjoys capturing special moments. Her work highlights the inner strengths of a person. Like the look of vulnerability on a baby’s face, a child’s laughter, a mother’s love, a father’s strength and a pregnant woman’s beauty and elegance. These are things rarely captured except with precision.


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