Revealed! Wesminster Attacker Had A Nigerian father


The Metropolitan police has uncovered that the London terror attacker Khalid Masood’s real name was Adrian Russell Ajao.

Khalid Masood

Khalid Masood

According to reports, the first ever photo of the Westminster terrorist Khalid Masood has surfaced. The photograph is of Masood, then called Adrian Ajao, as a schoolboy with a football group in the mid-1980s. Ajao experienced childhood in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, where the family went to the chapel and he went to Huntleys secondary school, which has since shut down.

He stands 6th from the left in the back column with his arms are folded in a gathering shot of the football group after they played a philanthropy coordinate. The name, Ajao, is his stepdad’s surname.

A 75-year-old pensioner – who the previous evening turned into the fifth individual to bite the dust in the Westminster assault when his life support was turned off with consent of his closest relative – has been named as Leslie Rhodes , from Streatham in South London.

London Attack

Police issued a critical plea at the beginning of today for any individual who knew Masood to get in touch with them – particularly in the event that they know who his partners were. Vitally they need to see whether any other person was included in the plot to attack Parliament and kill individuals on Westminster Bridge on Wednesday.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Mark Rowley said at a press conference this morning: “Yesterday we named the dead terrorist as Khalid Masood – we stated he had a number of aliases – we now know his birth name was Adrian Russell Ajao.”

He revealed the “fast paced” investigation has been called Operation Classific – “involving hundreds of officers from across the counter-terrorism network.

Police still don’t know if Masood was a ‘lone wolf’ attacker or working alongside/influenced by others – despite Islamic State having claimed he was one of their “soldiers”. Masood, 52, originally from Kent but living in Birmingham, was not the subject of any prior ongoing investigation. He is also known to have used the name Adrian Elms and Khalid Chowdhury – and was once investigated by Mi5 for violent extremism but was discounted as a threat. Rowley continued: “Our investigation focuses on understanding his motivation, preparation, and his associates.


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