Big brother naija week 9 | Nomination show – Tboss, Bassey, Bally and Debie Rise are up for eviction

Welcome to week nine of Big brother naija. Efe was announced as the new head of house this week. Read HERE in case you missed it.



The Ultimate Head of house challenge took place on Sunday night. The fate of one housemate will be determined by the Head of house. Big brother told the the Head of house to nominate four housemates for possible eviction on Sunday. There will be no safe and replace. One of the nominated housemates will be evicted this Sunday. Big brother told all the housemates to pitch to the head of house on why they need to remain in the game. Efe moderated the session with his fellow housemates.



Her reasons on why she wants to stay in the house – She is the Big brother wife. She has been consistent in her originality.


Her reasons – She stated she has the same similarities with Efe. She seeks advise from Efe. She pleaded to Efe to keep her safe this week.


His reasons – He has been real from day one.


His reasons – They have mutual respect for each other. They have common grounds on creativity. He appreciate his truthfulness and honesty.


Her reasons – Staying in the house means so much to her and her family.


Her reasons – They get along and she is 100% real with Efe.

Efe nominated TBoss, Bassey, Debie Rise and Bally.





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